Test Resources

TestResources, Inc. is a manufacturer of mechanical test solutions including universal test machines, static(monotonic) & dynamic(cyclic) test machines, grips, fixtures and testing accessories.
For over twenty years TestResources has utilized a modular design approach to create affordable and highly flexible systems to meet a wide range of applications

1000’s Applications for various material and test type, cover most industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Civil Engineering, Construction. Electronics, Energy, Packaging.
Medical Industry needs to test the product’s mechanical performance according to certain established standards like ISO, ASTM, often required by FDA prior to approval to market these products in the USA. The FDA prefers to see testing data that is based on relevant published testing standards

Machine Types

Universal Test Machine
Dynamic and Fatigue Test Machines
Torsion Test Machines
Axial Torsion Test Machines
Planar Axial Test Machines
Structural Test System and Rigs
Customized Test Solutions

Integrated Test Solutions:

Cyclic Bend Tester with Data Acquisition System

Bend testing according to :

  • IPC 9702
  • IPC/JEDEC 9707 – Spherical Bend Test Method
    for Characterization of Board
    Level Interconnects

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