Oneida Research Services Inc.(ORS)


With the IVA®  Model 210s Internal Vapor Analyzer, you can perform package moisture and gas analysis, on-site at your facility. This is a user-friendly test system for monitoring the quality of your hermetic packaging processes.
IVA® technology was invented by ORS and offers the most accurate and reproducible data in the industry.

The IVA® system is specifically designed for the quantitative analysis of low molecular weight gases contained in hermetic packages, cavities and other enclosures. The Model 210s concept integrates automated hardware with easy-to-use icon-driven software. Its design permits routine quality control, failure analysis and research level testing operation as a turn-key analytical system. The IVA® Model 210s includes a high-performance, quadrupole-mass spectrometer analyzer, a sample-mounting interface and precision hardware. The instrument is also computer-controlled and equipped with exclusive ORS integrated system control software — which provides instrument control, data analysis, data archiving and ease of operation.

Sample Types Analyzed:

  • Microelectronic Components and Multi-Chip Modules
  • Fiber-Optic Devices and Sensors
  • Light Bulbs, Lamps and Ampoules
  • Pacemakers and other Medical devices
  • Large-Scale Electronic Devices and Units
  • Gas Collection Bottles and Cylinders (see gas cylinder rental)
  • Vials Containing Bulk Material in a Dry Nitrogen Atmosphere
  • Voids and Blisters in Processed Metals, Ceramics and Plastics
  • Syringes Containing Extracted Gases
  • Aerosols
  • Mylar Bags and Other Hermetic Packaging

Test Standards/Method

Known to some as Residual Gas Analysis (RGA) testing or
– Mil-Std 883 TM 1018
– Mil-Std 750 TM 1018
Commercial Practice Test Method MEL-1053 MEL-1070 MEL-1080