Data Acquisition System(DAQ)

Application 1

Data Acquisition System for Strain and Resistance during Static and Cyclic Bend Testing(JEDEC JESD B113)(IPC JEDEC 9702)

NI PXI is a modular data acquisition system that provides sensor and electrical measurements(Resistance, Strain etc,) on the bench top, in the field, and on the production line.

Suitable to work with various kind of Environmental tests like Temperature cycling, Vibration, Drop Testing, Bend Testing etc

  • Test Parameters: Multiple of 8 channels of up to 25kHz for strain measurement.
    Multiple of 16 channels for resistance or voltage measurement.
    – Up to 10kΩ for resistance.
    – Up to 10V for DC voltage.’
  • Raw Data: Raw data is saved as an Excel CSV (comma-separated value) format.
  • Data Analysis: Able to program failure criteria to trigger a message or stop the test.
  • Graph: Displays multiple channel measurements on the same graph in real-time Cursor display. Graph autoscale, zoom, and pan. Comparison of plots from all channels
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Application 2

Temperature Cycling On Board(TCOB) Monitoring System

Monitoring of electrical resistance of mounted components on board during Temperature Cycling according to requirement in IPC 9701A Standard

Test Monitoring Requirements:

Temperature(Chamber Test Operation) : Continuous components temperature monitoring of at least two devices total on two test boards.

Electrical(High and Low temperatures): Continuous electrical resistance monitoring(Maximum scan interval of all chains=1 minute)

Failure Definition: 20% nominal resistance increase(maximum), five readings /scan(maximum)

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