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Automation Assistant Ltd has been establish in year 2003 and is sinceprovided different kinds of automation solutions for industry.Our customers are in field of electronic to heavy industry.
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Random Free Fall Tester (IEC 60068-2-32)

4-Barrels 1000mm drop height

Description of tester(IEC 60068-2-32)

The Random Free Fall Tester is mentioned for durability testing of consumer electronics. Specimens are inserted on the test barrels and barrels rotating around, so test specimens are falling toward a steel plate. There is two different standard dropping heights available: 500mm and 1000mm(customized height available). 1, 2 and 4 section of tester barrels are availabl

Specification of tester
  • Frame: Anodised aluminium
  • Cover sheet: Transparent Polycarbonate sheet,Rotating door.
  • Tumble barrel: Transparent Polycarbonate sheet, 500mm and 1000mm heights 1, 2 and 4 sectors.
  • Control: Touch panel: Rotating speed adjust, total counter, intermed counter, PLC, Electric motor inverter,Emergency circuit, Safety doors switch. Potential free Trigger output for camera.
  • Power input: 230VAC 50Hz Control: 24VDC
  • Dimensions: H: 1600mm D: 1600mm W: 1 barrel 900mm, 2 barrel 1200mm: 4 barrel 1800mm.
  • Weight: 1: 90kg 2: 120kg 4:180kg Made and CE marked in Finland

Control panel With Emergency Switch, Stop and Reset Button

TN-1/500 (One barrel, drop height 500mm)
TN-2/500 (Two barrels, drop height 500mm)
TN-4/500 (Three barrels, drop height 500mm)
TN-1/1000 (One barrel, drop height 1000mm)
TN-2/1000 (Two barrels, drop height 1000mm)
TN-4/1000 ( Three barrels, drop height 1000mm)